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Research Shows Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Help Kids to Grow and Thrive

Research shows the Fruit in Schools (FIS) programme, managed by United Fresh, is having a positive impact on children and nutrition.

Although named Fruit in Schools, the programme includes fresh New Zealand vegetables as well.

An independent evaluation has found FIS is highly valued by principals and is well aligned with international evidence on how to improve nutrition and reduce obesity in children.

Students at 547 low-decile primary and intermediate schools nationwide benefit from the programme, with over 20 million servings of fresh produce being distributed during the academic year.

Many of the principals said FIS was making a valuable contribution to academic outcomes. Seventy-four percent said they had seen increased concentration in class as a result of Fruit in Schools, while 46 percent reported fewer behavioural problems. Other positives included:

  • 80 percent of principals saying Fruit in Schools contributed “a lot” to a sense of equality between pupils, regardless of their family circumstances
  • 98 percent saying pupils knew more about nutrition and health
  • 66 percent of principals saying they had seen an improvement in students’ general health as a result of Fruit in Schools
  • 46 percent of principals said they had seen fewer behavioural problems
  • 89 percent agreed or strongly agreed that Fruit in Schools provided a range of authentic learning opportunities

The positive impact of FIS is also being felt beyond the classroom. Principals said it was having a positive impact on the children’s home environment and parental behaviours, with 44 percent saying that “many families” were providing less sugary drinks and junk food in school lunches.

The survey results show FIS is a very effective way to promote positive attitudes towards eating 5+ A Day. Principals and Health Promoting Schools' facilitators are strong advocates of the programme because of the wide range of benefits. One facilitator said: “I think it’s the best thing they ever did … Because when you see how that one piece of fruit a day has changed the outlook of all these young people, you cannot be anything but eternally grateful for that to have happened.”

This is great news for United Fresh members as we continue to manage this highly successful programme and promote the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

United Fresh manages the fruit and vegetable provision for the government funded Fruit in Schools programme nationwide. This highly successful programme provides fruit and vegetables to:

  • 547 low decile schools
  • 21 regions from the far North to Southland, supplying
  • 118,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day.