Fredge is the star of five eBooks, along with his friends at 5+ A Day HQ - Juno, Liam, Phoenix, Katie, and his dog Hazel. Each audio-assisted title explores a new topic, such as growing plants from seed, clever composting, and companion planting. Included with each book are interactive activities to support exploration of key points in the topic.

These eBooks can be experienced on tablets, computers, or with the whole class using a data projector. Each title is designed to be used as part of one of the lessons, as an introduction, or to help reinforce key ideas through small group or independent use. The accompanying audio follows the text sentence-by-sentence to provide support and engagement. The sound can be muted if required.

Following the reading of the audio, students can explore the interactive activities, which focus on one aspect of the book and link to the lesson.

More information about using these eBooks is contained in our guide: Getting the Best from the 5-A-Day eBooks.