Teaching Resources

Our library of lesson plans support existing teacher and student materials for teachers in ECE, primary, intermediate, and secondary schools, adding blended learning options and additional Fact Files, Photo Cards, and Graphic Organisers. These inquiry-based explorations can be used flexibly to meet the needs and interests of your student and your school curriculum.

For Early Childhood Education Teachers

Activities in our Early Childhood Education resources are based around the principles of Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum, and include relevant strands, goals, and discussion points.

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For Primary School Teachers

Our 5+ A Day primary school education resource, Growing and Learning with 5+ A Day, is linked to the New Zealand Curriculum, supporting Health and Physical Education, Literacy, Numeracy and Science through practical lessons and learning experiences.

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For Intermediate School Teachers

Our Food Technology resource for Intermediate Schools is supported by HETTANZ and focuses on seasonal recipe development appropriate for years 7 and 8.

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For Secondary School Teachers

Our resources for secondary students and teachers provide useful and engaging information for Home Economics and Food Technology classes.

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